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Eat Hotdogs

Ten years ago today, my aunt Teresa died after battling melanoma. That day, my pregnancy book told me James’s heart started beating. I think they are just estimating when they give those dates, but I’ve always loved that it worked … Continue reading

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The P.J. Post

I’m an only child. But I’m from a big extended family, made up of more big families (I’m the youngest of 52 grandchildren, from 9 aunts and uncles). Growing up, I admired my older cousins. From my perspective, they were all … Continue reading

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Life and…you know… some gleanings. Finally.

Super long ago. That’s when I last blogged. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about. It’s that I’ve lacked the capacity to organize it enough to write it down. That’s what I’ve told myself, anyway. There are … Continue reading

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My 5 Year Plan

  Yesterday, I had a couple hours to sit and reflect. I rode my bike down to a little open air café at the end of our village…super cute, literally run out of their home in their front yard. I … Continue reading

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Hard…and Amazing

We’re one week into our time in Thailand, and my reflections are so scattered and vast, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are a few of the highlights in pictures. I also managed to bake some (adapted) GF … Continue reading

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We’re Here!

It is so exciting to finally be writing this from our home in Chiang Mai, Thailand! We have had a wild 5 days and are close to settling in to some sort of normalcy, I think. At least, I’m awake … Continue reading

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Basement Dwellers

A little break from books today to lighten things up a bit. Besides “So Where Is It You’re Going?”, “How Did You Decide to Go to Thailand?”, and “What About the Kids?,”  the other FAQ we get is, “Soooo, you’re living in … Continue reading

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