Month in Review: February ’14

My friend Anne has been showing her week in pictures for over a year, and it is just so darn neat. I was thinking about what a bad scrapbooker/keeper of memories/posterity preserver I am and decided I would try to capture some of my languishing phone pictures here on the blog.

Plus, since I don’t have many recordable gleanings lately, I figured I may as well post some life. Here is our entire month of February, because I want to start fresh in March. We spent a lot of February sick and stuck in the house, so there aren’t that many interesting pictures, but I was able to pull out a few nuggets.

2014-02-02 16.14.31

We ended up with two sick kids the day of the Super Bowl, a day when we normally go to a large celebration with friends. The kids were ‘super’ <ahem> disappointed, but we made food and had prizes and except for the wretched game, redeemed the night. This is Todd and I gearing up for the game. Little did we know we were also gearing up for a month of sickness.

2014-02-10 20.06.29

This is what selfies look like with a six year old after a week two months of being stuck in the house.

2014-02-14 17.13.46

Things were looking up by Valentine’s Day when these two handsome fellas were my date(s). I was helping out at the theater where the big three were busy rehearsing for a play (see below), and Todd called to have me meet him for dinner. How cute is Henry in the plaid shirt and striped tie? Lucky lady.

2014-02-17 08.17.04 2014-02-17 09.18.27

By the time we had a little stretch of fresh snow and warmer(ish) weather, the kids were busting at the seams, particularly Sam. The first pic was taken before 8am. The next, a few hours later when he was clearly tired, but wanted to remain outside. Sam shares my love of/need for/addiction to the outdoors. The extreme cold and inability to get outside much this winter has been especially hard on the two of us. We’re petitioning the rest of the family for a move south or west or anywhere that doesn’t trap us in the house. You never know.

2014-02-20 17.42.28

Of course a move would mean leaving our home sweet home. I love our house. I really do. It looks picturesque in the snow. So it stands to reason that more snow would make it more picturesque. Not so much…too much of a good thing and all that.

2014-02-22 16.36.55

James helped Henry get dressed. He does this a lot, but there was something special about this picture. They were singing a song, too. That sounds really sweet, but in reality I told James to sing because Henry kept saying inappropriate things and James kept scolding him. It was driving me nuts, all the bickering. So I said, “Just sing a song, for pete’s sake!” And then I turned and looked, and I realized how tender they both are. Also, the tissues stacked in the corner are still sitting there as I type this. I think it’s a nice addition to our décor.

2014-02-22 17.31.24  2014-02-22 21.31.48

The three big kids were in their first play last weekend. The top photo encapsulates well the general chaos of 30+ kids under 10 being in a play together. I don’t know why Sam is crossing his eyes or why my picture is orange. Anyway,  the show was really great and, more importantly, it was a fantastic first experience for them. They went into it with varying levels of enthusiasm, but all ended their time asking when the next play starts. Good times. They all got flowers for their performance.

2014-02-28 18.20.45

I closed this month with a walk out in the snow that was falling earlier tonight. It did my soul good to breathe fresh air and stomp through the fresh stuff and climb on the little mound in the background just because I felt like it.

And there you have it. Life.


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